Commissioned Paintings


 "Affordable Scottish Landscape Paintings"



Commissioning artwork provides an opportunity to have a painting of a subject which may be of particular personal interest or meaning to you.


1. Pricing & Size.


The prices indicated below are approximate for the sizes listed. For watercolours and acrylics on paper, this refers to the external mount size. For acrylics on stretched or deep-edge canvas, prices relate to the canvas dimensions.



40x30cm £200
50x40cm £320
35x35cm £200
40x40cm £260
45x45cm £320
50x50cm £400




The price however, will depend upon the complexity of a subject and the amount of detail involved. The price assumes you allow the production of prints of the commissioned work. If you prefer that prints not be produced, then an additional charge of 50% should be added to the above prices.


Similarly, you should add 50% to the above prices for very specific subjects (such as a painting of your home) or subjects which would have limited sales opportunity as there would be no prints produced for general sale.



2. Subject Matter.


Commissions are accepted for landscapes and townscapes. Linda doesn't accept commissions for portraits, pet portraits, animals or still-life. If you have any queries about your proposed subject matter, please do not hesitate to contact Linda and ask!


Initially, you should provide a selection of photographs of your subject (and for buildings, where possible, a close-up shot, which allows any detail to be seen). This helps determine if the commission is viable and provides  a "back-up" reference (eg. time of day, season, etc. which you may wish incorporated into the subject). Linda, would of course, also try to visit the scene/location if within reasonable travelling distance, in order to undertake work.


Preferably, photographs should be emailed to Linda. This allows her to create a photo-print of a reasonable size from which to work. Should you wish to send photographs by post, please ensure that they are at least 25x20cm.



3. Media


All commissions are currently in watercolour or acrylic.



4. Time.


The time taken to complete a painting very much depends upon both the size of the painting and the amount of detail involved. Paintings of buildings may require considerable detail and would therefore take longer than average. It should also be borne in mind that the time taken is also dependant upon the number of commissions Linda has on order at any one time.


Normally, you could expect a commission to be completed within a month. This includes time for mounting of the finished work, and where applicable, printing. You will be advised of a realistic timescale upon your enquiry.



5. Payment.


Once a commission is agreed, you will be required to send  a deposit of £50 * . Cheques should be made payable to "Linda Grace Originals". A receipt will be forwarded to you. Alternatively, payment can be made over the telephone by debit or credit card.


The balance is payable on delivery by Linda  (where practical), or prior to posting - assuming you are happy with the painting (a photograph of the painting will be sent to you first). Should you not be happy, Linda will retain the deposit of £50 until the painting is sold elsewhere. Once the painting has sold, your deposit will be returned to you without delay.


* The deposit is not returnable on certain subjects, eg. a painting of your home, or particularly personal works as Linda would be unable to sell these elsewhere. This, therefore, covers the basic costs of time, research, materials used and any travelling involved.



6. Completion.


Should you wish to commence with a commission, please contact Linda via the contact page on this website.




Linda will contact you within a few days to advise if she can undertake the work and also to confirm a total cost, including posting and packing where applicable. Once you have been contacted and you are happy with the arrangements, you should forward the deposit. Cheques should be made payable to "Linda Grace Originals".



Thank you for taking time to read through this. It is hoped that the information has been of help and value to you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Linda.



Thanking you for your interest.